Epic Romance Giveaway Party!!!

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HI! We don’t do this often, but we HAD to let you in on this. Had to.

19 romance writers are teaming up to offer an Amazon gift card giveaway… for $1000!!!


There is one rule for entering, but if you’re here, you should hopefully qualify! You need to be a reader of romance and/or erotica. The Faerie Queen is definitely a fan! 😉

Click here to enter, and check the Facebook party here on December 2nd to see if you’ve won!

Below are a just a few of the books by authors sponsoring the event to give you some ideas for what to spend that gift card on. You can see the full list here!


Fame by Lauren K. McKellar


Epic Romance Giveaway Party!!!
This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Author: Lauren K. McKellar
Series: Not Like The Movies #1
Release date: February 20th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 371
Add to TBR: Goodreads
Purchase: Amazon UK | Amazon US | Kobo

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She’s supposed to cover the stories.
Not be one.

Madison Winters has life in the bag. Gorgeous fiancé? Check. Promotion to become editor of the country’s hottest fashion magazine? Check. Limited edition pair of Manolo Blahniks? Checkity-check.
Catching her fiancé with his pants down isn’t something she expects. In the space of twenty-four hours, Madison loses it all—not even her shoes will be saved.
Swapping sass + bide for sweatpants and Dior for the downward dog is going to be hell. The last thing Madison’s broken heart needs is a run-in with America’s newest playboy. Can she ever recover from this?

Tate Masters has it all—Hollywood’s latest golden boy has washboard abs, a killer smile, and a leading role in the next A-list movie.
Until a secret from his past is splashed all over the headlines, and that ‘good boy’ image fast-tracks to the gutter.
Now the media hunt is on, and they’re baying for Tate’s blood. One night of wild behaviour sees him wake up next to a gorgeous Aussie brunette—and she’s everything Tate’s afraid of.
Keeping secrets has never been this hard.


Heat flares in my body. I lean in close to her, so close I can smell the sweet perfume from her neck. So close I can see the rise and fall of her ample chest. And even though I know I shouldn’t, even though I know I’ve been warned to stay off women, I want her.

Clearing my throat, I use my most seductive voice. The one that used to open legs for me everywhere I went, when teamed with my best smile. “I’d like to get you on your back.”

Her throat bobs as she swallows.

I’ve got her right where I want her. She’s falling for me. It’s been so long since I had—

A shock of liquid smacks me. Ice tumbles from my head to the floor. “What the actual f@#k?”

The woman shrugs and places her now empty glass on the bar top. “Looked like you could use some cooling off.”

I wipe the liquid from my eyes and lick my lips. Gin and tonic. Typical chick drink.

I should be mad. I should be fuming.

But I’m turned on. No one argues with me like that. No one pushes the limits, aside from Janie, and she’s family.

This woman could be my undoing.


Deep Focus by Madisyn Ashmore

Deep Focus

Epic Romance Giveaway Party!!!
This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Author: Madisyn Ashmore
Series: Young Hollywood #1
Release date: April 18th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 284
Add to TBR: Goodreads
Purchase: Amazon UK | Amazon US | The Book Depository | Kobo

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Oliver Tate roared into my life like wildfire. He was a blaze that consumed my soul and burned me to my very core, leaving only dusty embers in his wake.

He was handsome and powerful, brilliant and masterful. He intoxicated me and thrilled me with his presence. He was Hollywood royalty, and gave me entrance to a world I'd only imagined in my dreams. But, all that glittered about him came with a price.

As seductive as he was, Oliver was haunted by his past and consumed by his craving for power.

He led me down a dangerous, emotional path, where love was the ultimate reward. If only I could cast aside my inhibitions and trust him completely...


I laid my head back across the couch and kicked my feet up over his strong thighs. My foot brushed across his lap as I stretched. I felt the hardness already forming in his pants, his bulge pressing towards me.

“Your parents, do they still live there?”

My chest tightened. I hated telling this part of my life story because of the pity it elicited from friends and strangers alike.

“My parents died in a car crash when I was fourteen. I went to live with my aunt after that. We’re not close.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“No, It’s okay. I was sort of a wild teenager, so I don’t blame her. But anyway, we don’t really keep in touch much anymore.” I paused. “Like I said, it’s complicated.”

He rubbed the soles of my feet and traced his fingers along my calves. My muscles relaxed against his firm touch. As he drew circles on my skin, an intense warmth washed over my body.

“I think LA is the place where outcasts, misfits, and lonely people come to find their soul.” He breathed the words like the they were meant for only himself. He looked surprised when my soft voice echoed a reply.

“Was that true for you? Did you come to Los Angeles searching for your soul?”

He thought quietly for a moment before his husky voice deepened. “I came here running. Running away from a past that…” His voice broke off. “I came here searching, and to start a new life.”

“And did you?”

“I found that money wins a lot of friends, but not the kind that you can count on forever. I’ve had a lot of women keep me warm at night, but none that would’ve stayed if all this vanished.” He gestured to the expensively decorated room around us, an ornate display of his opulence and wealth. For the first time, I saw the crack in his facade and the real Oliver Tate emerged.

“What was your life like…before.” I paused, choosing my words carefully. “Before all this.”

“Not now, Scarlett. It’s long and boring and not worth discussing.” He shifted on the couch and breathed a heavy exhale.

There was still so much about Oliver Tate I didn’t know. With every detail I discovered, a thousand more secrets loomed in the distance. I wanted him to release to me and tell me every broken and damaged part of himself. I could take it. I could take it all.

He laid back, his youthful face glistening with a mist of perspiration. I ran my fingers down the front of his shirt, slowly unbuttoning him, exposing his ripped abs, slick and steamy. His fingers gripped my arm, pulling me up to his face as he sucked and kissed my delicate lips.

I ran my hand along his pants, the heat spreading from his dark denim. My fingers grasped the stiff metal zipper, his rock hard warmth burning into my touch. He swelled as my hand grazed him…


Courted by Jennifer Chance


Epic Romance Giveaway Party!!!Author: Jennifer Chance
Series: Gowns & Crowns #1
Publisher: Elewyn Publishing
Release date: October 6th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 318
Add to TBR: Goodreads
Purchase: Amazon UK | Amazon US | The Book Depository

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Aspiring concert violist Emmaline Aurora Grace Andrews is torn between her love of family and her love of music. A year ago, she deferred entering a prestigious graduate program to help her parents recover from a devastating accident. Now the deferment is expiring, but her parents still need her. Worse, every time she plays her audition piece, she mangles it. Is it too late to be the musician she'd always dreamed of? Should she even try?

Determined to get clarity, Emmaline accepts a friend's offer for a whirlwind European vacation. First Stop: a real live fantasy kingdom—the perfect place to sort wishes from reality.

Prince Kristos Andris was a respected captain in his nation’s military… Was. In the wake of the tragic death of his elder brother, he's managed to avoid his duties as the new Crown Prince of Garronia for months. But now he must accept his responsibilities and leave his troops behind. Outraged at the restrictions of his new royal position, he'll do anything for one last adventure. So when opportunity suddenly lands in his arms in the form of a dreamy-eyed American girl, he embraces it (and her) for all he's worth. What's the harm in a quick fling, after all? It won’t change what he knows he must do…

Only this is Garronia in the summertime, where passion has a way of ruining even the most sensible of plans.


When the man looked up and shouted something she didn’t understand, yet another wave of mortification crashed through Emmaline. Oh God, we’ve drawn a crowd. Why hadn’t she realized there were people around them? Of course there would be people. It was a public beach. With people on it.

“I’m so sorry, I’m fine,” she managed, though she could barely understand her own words, she was shaking so much. “If you’d let me get up—I just need to walk around. I’m sorry.”

“Do not apologize. You have done nothing wrong.” The man’s words were harsh with the crack of command, but Em was beyond responding to any more orders. “I’m calling for my men. You’re frozen.” And with another curse, he pulled her into his lap, surrounding her with his heat.

His men? Was he in charge of that little group of navy guys?

“Why are you so cold?” he continued, and though her brain seemed to be on the verge of shutting down, Em knew he thought she was going into shock. “It is a warm and sunny day. We have only sunny days here in Garronia, didn’t you know that? It is a kingdom of sunshine and joy.”

He was talking to her like she was a child, and Em closed her eyes in humiliation. Seriously, this was not happening.

“I just—I get the shakes sometimes. It’s okay, I—get cold, it’s—” Now did not seem to be the best time to talk about poor blood circulation, but Em couldn’t help her rat-a-tatting teeth as the man’s rough arms encircled her, his thick biceps and corded forearms covering her chest and waist. He dropped a soft kiss on the crown of her head, as natural as if they’d been dating for years, and murmured something else to her.

Wait, what? Had he seriously just kissed her?

Warmth snaked through her now, all right, but that was mostly because a man was actually holding her. She hadn’t had that happen in so long that she’d practically forgotten what it felt like to have someone pressing against her, skin to skin, chest to back, lips to ear, surrounding her so completely that she had neither time nor breath to think about anything else, anyone else, anywhere else…

Whoa, there, girl. Dial it down a notch.

Only now the man who was making such insane, impossible images dance through her head murmured something else, his voice rich with Mediterranean sun and spices and, God, his arms around her felt amazing.

Settle down! She implored her newly reawakened libido, which was beginning to thrum with anticipation at a real, live man holding her real, live body in his real, live arms…

Her newly reawakened libido was apparently not to be deterred.

“The water is treacherous,” Sexy Navy Adonis was saying. “I tried to warn you, but I did not do a good job. For that, I am sorry. Perhaps I can help by doing…this.”


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