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Excerpt: Succubus Lips by Lina Jubilee

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Excerpt: Succubus Lips by Lina Jubilee

Happy hump day! 😉 We’ve got a little bit of taster to share with you today of a new reverse harem series starter Succubus Lips by Lina Jubilee! First, here’s a bit more about the book, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end! About the book Excerpt In the library, my bare ass against some dusty volume of Descartes, his thick hands cupping me from below. Him nibbling on my ear, my hands threaded through his wavy, dark brown locks. Why, oh why, do my thoughts inevitably drift to that night
? I had to stop myself from dwelling on him too long. “I often find myself having such thoughts about that night, too. Though I certainly make no point of dismissing them.” That was why. That was Zander’s voice in my head—leader of the Renegades, traitor of the Veras team, all-around hunk but a little too aware of that. Having […]