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Welcome to Love in a Time of Feminism! This is a new community blog dedicated to romance books of all kinds. I, the Faerie Queen, wanted a place to put all of my sexier romance reviews, as they didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the reviews on my YA book blog. After reading The Replacement Crush by Lisa Brown Roberts, I also wanted a place to celebrate romance with other readers, all while being a strong, independent feminist to the core…who just so happens to enjoy a little Kindle chemistry.

What can you expect to come? Well, hopefully lots of steamy reads! I’m also hoping you guys will want to join me in filling the blog up with your hotter reading material. Plus, I’m hoping to host occasional readalongs and book clubs where we can focus on certain subgenres of romance.

If you want to join me in my heart-pounding mission, go to About LiaToF to become a loved up feminist! If you’re an author or publicist, see how you can work with me!

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