Guest Post: Nicole Sobon, author of Collide, on her journey to publication

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Guest Post: Nicole Sobon, author of Collide, on her journey to publication

Hi everyone! We have a special guest post for you from Nicole Sobon, author of Collide, the first in a novella series!

Today, Nicole will be talking about the road to release. You can also find out more about her book and enter a giveaway at the end!


Publishing Collide

I’d always enjoyed writing and spent most of my teenage years writing songs and poems that I typically only shared with close friends. However, around 2010, I decided to try my hand at writing a book and signed up for NaNoWriMo. To my surprise, I completed the challenge and ended up with a very uneven, and far from finished edition of Capture, the first book in my Lunica City Duet. While I knew I still had plenty of room to grow and was in no way ready to approach publishers, I continued to write each and every day, finishing my second novel – Program 13 – in the span of a few months. That book, which had been inspired by Joss Whedon’s television series, Dollhouse, was far stronger and seemed to connect with readers on InkPop. I spent weeks cleaning it up and decided to finally take the plunge and submit the book to smaller publishers and agencies.

To my surprise, the book seemed to grab plenty of interest. In fact, at one-point, multiple publishers had requested the full manuscript. So, for a bit, my dream of being published seemed entirely feasible. The thing about the publishing world, though, is that it isn’t that easy to get published. After many back and forth e-mails, all of the publishers and agents had opted to pass on the book. Some had even suggested I add a romance plot between the two main characters, essentially revamping the entire story, but I knew that while I was open to changes, that wasn’t one that worked for Emile’s story. After much debate, I finally decided to self-publish it. And while I’ve never developed a huge following with my books over the years, Criminal Minds quoted Program 13 in a season eight episode, which brought about plenty of interest from readers and made me realize that while not everyone will love Emile’s story, there were plenty of readers eager to dive into Emile’s world. But while I enjoyed diving deep into that world, I wanted to try my hand at romance and began writing a new story titled Collide.

I initially self-published the first installment of Collide back in 2014, with the plans to publish four more installments in a timely manner. Unfortunately, due to real life issues, that never happened, and I eventually pulled Collide from publication with the goal of republishing it with a publisher when I was ready. Little did I know that publisher would be InkSpell Publishing in 2017. I’d read various stories from InkSpell over the years and had enjoyed what I read, so when I noticed that they accepted novellas for publication, I decided to take a chance and submit Collide. After seven years writing, I fully expected a form rejection, but instead, I received a contract offer and after some research, decided they were a perfect fit for Gemma and Ben’s love story. It’s now 2018, and it’s been less than a year since I’ve signed with them, and we’ve already tackled the first three installments of the Collide series. (I’m currently writing the final installment!)

While I experienced plenty of bumps along the way to publication, I can safely say Collide is with the right publisher and I’m excited to share this love story with fans.


About the book


Guest Post: Nicole Sobon, author of Collide, on her journey to publicationAuthor: Nicole Sobon
Series: The Collide Series #1
Publisher: Inkspell Publishing
Release date: December 15th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 91
Add to TBR: Goodreads
Purchase: Amazon UK | Amazon US | Kobo

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Three simple words were all it took to change their lives forever.

Losing a loved one is hard. Learning to survive in their absence? That’s even harder. For Gemma Michaels, life had become difficult following her brother’s death, but the one thing that kept her afloat was the one thing she knew she shouldn’t have desired – her best friend, Ben.

He’d made a promise to her brother – to protect her, no matter what. For Ben, that had meant that she was off limits. But then she slips and tells him the three words he’s been waiting to hear.

Love happens when you least expect it.


About Nicole Sobon

Nicole Sobon is the author of The Emile Reed Chronicles (YA Science Fiction), the Outbreak duology, Collide (NA Romance), and more!



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