Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway: The Kissing Contract by Amy Andrews

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Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway: The Kissing Contract by Amy Andrews


The Kissing Contract

Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway: The Kissing Contract by Amy Andrews
This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Author: Amy Andrews
Publisher: Entangled: Amara
Release date: April 8th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 365
Format: eBook
Source: Entangled

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Star rating:
Heat rating: three-half-flames

Marshall Dyson wants one thing and one thing only: to raze his grandfather’s island to the ground. Everything is ready to go––except for the freakin’ bunnies! Hundreds of the furry critters hopping about and multiplying before his eyes. And then there’s the American Bunny League, along with one distractingly beautiful veterinarian, taking him to court to save them...

Dr. Augusta “Gus” North can’t believe the grumpy–and annoyingly hot–builder she’s facing in court cares more about demo-ing some cabin than the lives of 200 bunnies. But when the judge orders Marshall to stay on the island and help her rehome the rabbits – the entire month – she knows they’re going to need to lay some ground rules.

Like, for example, absolutely no kissing. Might as well go ahead and get that in writing. Sure it’s on a napkin, but that still counts.

How hard could it be to keep their hands off each other amidst all the fighting? Surprisingly, harder than wrangling 200 bunnies...


The Faerie Queen’s review

Who would have thought bunnies would be so effective at driving a plot and bringing two people together. I sure as hell wasn’t expecting it, and yet here I am, madly in love with Marshall and Gus as a couple, and as individuals. All thanks to a few bunnies doing what they do best on an island without predators.

For a book with ONE penetrative sex scene, this was one of the hottest books I’ve read this year. The tension between Marshall and Gus was off the charts. And it shows that shoving it in is not actually necessary for a good time. My lordy. These two. We’re kept waiting for that one scene, but all the build-up was delicious. That being said, I would have still welcomed more. Other people (and rabbits) were going at it a lot more than these two, and that’s completely unfair to them and us.

Gus (Augusta) and I are a lot alike. Ok, yes, I’m not a supermodel by a long way, but I don’t like rushing into intimacy. Hell, for someone who loves dirty jokes and sexy books as much as I do, I feel super weird when guys rush into sexual flirtation too quickly. (#demilife.) So her hesitance to jump into anything, and her lack of trust in men in general, was very relatable. I also looooved that she was a vet. In another life, I would have studied zoology and worked with animals like Gus does, and even if Amy made up a lot of the process (she admits to as much in a very funny author’s note at the end), it still was a fun ride. It also allowed Marshall and us as readers to focus on how amazing Gus is as a competent woman (who can desex animals with a scalpel).

Marshall came across as a bit douchey at first, but he very quickly won me over. Like, almost instantly. We learn why he’s so eager to tear apart the island fairly quickly, so we can focus on falling in love and watching Gus try not to fall in love for most of the book. I’m really glad about that, as it had me very invested in them as a couple almost from the start. I really loved that Marshall was not overly ripped, didn’t have a monster dick, and was successful even though he dropped out of high school (for a reason). He was just such a normal guy… except he’s not like many guys I know because he understood Gus’ limits and didn’t pressure her to do things she’d regret while drunk and had the patience to wait her out. And he found it hot that she was so smart! Why can’t more guys be like that! (But then Amy is a woman and knows what I want to read.)

If you’re on the lookout for competence porn, feminist heroes, rough hands but gentle hearts, and bunnies, do yourself a favour and read this book.

Please now enjoy some bunnies.



“Nothing to do with a certain blond vet who bested you in court?”

Marshall snorted. “I hate to break this to you buddy, but she bested you, not me.”

“You tell yourself whatever you need to.”

The humor in his brother’s voice was irritating. “Bite me.”

“Dude…face it. You have the hots for her.”

“I do not. I like agreeable women.”

Jeremy laughed. “You only think you like agreeable women.”

“I think I know what I like. I’ve been engaged three times to your zip, remember.”

“Exactly.” Jeremy laughed harder. “You’d make a lousy lawyer making my point for me like that.”

Marshall was not going to sit here and be lectured by his younger brother who wouldn’t know monogamy if it kicked him in the balls. “I’m hanging up now.”

“Come home, leave them be.”

“Is that your official legal advice?”

“Yes. Not that I think you’ll take it for a moment.”

Marshall stared at the floorboards. “It’s just a couple of days.”

Jeremy’s sigh was heavy in Marshall’s ear. “Be nice to her. It’s only a month and I don’t want to have to bail your ass out of jail because you’re being an obstructive dick.”


About Amy Andrews

Amy is an award-winning, USA Today best-selling Aussie author who has written seventy contemporary romances in both the traditional and digital markets. Her books bring all the feels from sass and quirk and laughter to emotional grit to panty-melting heat. She loves frequent travel, good books and great booze although she’ll take mediocre booze if there’s nothing else. For many, many years she was a registered nurse. Which means she knows things. Anatomical things. And she’s not afraid to use them! She’s just moved back to her central Queensland roots taking a sea change in the pretty little coastal town of Yeppoon where she gets to stare at the ocean all day.



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