Solo September: A primer

Posted September 1st 2019 by The Faerie Queen in Solo September / 0 Comments

Welcome welcome welcome! Today, September 1st, marks the start of a month-long series of posts about the joys of being on your own.

I know, this is isn’t what you’d expect from a blog about romance novels, but it feels right to me. You see, tomorrow, September 2nd, will mark one year since the end of my last relationship, and it’s been a very tough but incredible year for me, during which I think I’ve grown a lot as a person. Romance novels have played a big part in my “recovery” and continuing journey towards happiness.

Romance novels are all about finding that special someone who supports, respects, and celebrates you. That’s why I love them! They show what relationships can and should be like. Why should we settle for someone who doesn’t do those things, right?

But let’s take that one step further… Why can’t we be that special someone for ourselves? Why do we need to wait for another person to come along to have a Happily Ever After?

I’ve struggled with this. After nine years in two back-to-back serious relationships, I was terrified to be on my own. I felt like I wasn’t worth anything unless someone else thought I was. During the past year, I’ve suffered through those first few months of fear and rebounding out of desperation, through to a period of rapid self-discovery. And now I want to share that with the world.

So here we are. Over the course of September, I am going to reflect on being single and all the wonderful things that I’ve learned from embracing myself. And yes, there will be plenty of romance thrown in… of the fictional variety. I’m hoping you’ll share in Solo September with me, even those of you in relationships!

If you have any stories, activities, or strategies you want to share for living life to the fullest – with or without a partner – pop them in the comments. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this month of self-love!


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