Forget panic-buying toilet paper. I’ve been buying books.

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A lot has changed since I last posted. I returned to the UK after spending Christmas and New Year with family in South Africa, only for things to slowly but surely unravel. My work went through layoffs (I survived). My friends all went through tough times as well in terms of health and family. And then the world changed.

I’m now back in South Africa and not sure when I’ll be able to go to the UK again. My poor plants. I’m in lock down with my dad and his fiancee, both of their mothers, and my brother and his girlfriend. That’s a lot of people to be stuck with when you’re used to living alone. Plus, a bit of good news, I’m starting a new job in three weeks! I’m very excited about it, but it’s also a big change.

All of these changes and uncertainties have got me reeling. (I’m sure you’re all feeling the same right now, too.) And instead of panic-buying toilet paper before lockdown, I went to a craft store three times over five days to stock up on yarn and cross-stitching supplies. Since then, I’ve also been seeking out other sources of comfort…namely books. My Kindle is being loaded up, and I have zero regrets right now because my brain doesn’t have the capacity for such feelings.

So I thought I might share all of the books I’ve acquired to quell the panic I’m low-key feeling 24/7. Since March 20th. Yeah.

Are you ready for this?


My Kindle haul


Free = *
99p/99c = º
Kindle Unlimited = †
In a series = ^
Links take you to Amazon. I’ll get a small commission if you buy any of the non-free books, which will help pay for this site! Price indicators are true at the time of publishing.

Not included are all the non-romance novels I bought/got for free, like On the Come Up by Angie Thomas and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.


Anyone else in a buying frenzy right now?

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