The Faerie Queen takes on Romanceopoly 2020!

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2019 was a spectacular fail for me when it comes to blogging and reading challenges. It didn’t help that I tried to take on too much and just fell behind on all the things. But I did start off fine, and I want to try this again. This time, however, I’m not going to try to attempt ten different challenges (what was I thinking?!). Instead, I’m sticking to two: Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge and Romanceopoly!

I really love the idea of Romanceopoly. It gamifies the challenge in a fun way while also encouraging you to try new subgenres of romance, which is always a good thing. Helpfully, the hosts of the challenge – Under the Covers and Peace Love Books – have provided plenty of genre guides and recommendations.


Rules (and my modification)

In a nutshell, the goal is to progress around a modified Monopoly board, reading romance novels according to the space you’re on. You can either go the Direct Route, moving from one space to the next, or the Scenic Route, using dice. You can see the full set of rules on the Romanceopoly site.

Romanceopoly board

I’ve decided to modify the Scenic Route slightly, as I don’t have a couple of d6 dice and want the experience of using a physical die. So instead, I’m using a d20! My modification is as such:

  • 1 – Critical fail! Move to the space you’re most worried about.
  • 2-19 – Move as normal.
  • 20 – Critical hit! Move to the space you’re most excited about.

I’ve decided to start as an Adventurer, meaning I’ll be aiming to go around the board once first, then we’ll see about that second round, making me a Native. I’ve decided to start with the Moon Challenges.


Challenge progress!

As the year goes on, this post will be updated to show my challenge progress. Let’s see if I can make it through both the Moon and the Sun challenges!

Romanceopoly 2020: 1/78

  1. In the Unlikely Event by L.J. Shen - ★★★½

Let me know if you’re participating!

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